I have meticulously organised my extensive body of work into five intriguing series. Each series has been profoundly shaped by a multitude of captivating influences. Significant events, such as the devastating pandemic, have instilled a deep sense of introspection and provided a profound backdrop for my artistic expression. Additionally, the exhilarating sensory experiences encountered when venturing into new and unfamiliar environments have played a significant role in shaping my artistic vision.

Furthermore, the enriching social interactions with fellow artists and immersion within vibrant creative communities have acted as powerful catalysts for generating extraordinary masterpieces. These collective experiences have infused my work with a unique blend of emotions, perspectives, and ideas, resulting in captivating compositions that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Within each series, a narrative unfolds, harmoniously blending the external influences and my internal creative journey, offering the world an opportunity to appreciate and interpret my artistic creations.

Series 1


Embracing in the arms of happiness

Series 2


Duality of love, surrender

Series 3


Silent Storm

Humanity rebirth from pandemic

Series 4


Harmony Revived

Tales of pandemic resilience

Series 5


Pieces that tickled the artist's imagination