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About me   

"As an artist with a huge passion for Batik Art and fanatically dedicated to my profession, Batik painting fills me with joy and excitement in all its creative forms."


Father of Batik Modern of Malaysia’ master of the medium, I was thrilled for a breakthrough that resulted in a new fine art Batik form that I describe as "Dyetik" adding a new dimension to the Batik art form. Batik Art has a rich cultural heritage in Asia spanning from India, South-West China, to Indonesia and Malaysia. I truly believe in its transformative power to elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere.I am excited to share this experience and heritage with you, as heritage is kept alive only if it is passed on. Join me in my sessions. Let us create beauty, make history whilst keeping the heritage alive. 


Dyetik ( Batik )



"I will never run out of ideas as to what to paint because my inspiration comes from daily life".

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