My creative process and aspiration

Inspiration flows naturally to me through observing my surroundings, especially people and their distinctive habits. I am captivated by the intricacies of human behaviour and seek to capture not only their physical features but also the emotions and stories beneath the surface.

My personal experiences profoundly shape my paintings. Art is a powerful form of self-expression, and I draw from my thoughts, memories, and feelings to create meaningful pieces that touch the viewers' hearts. By infusing my artwork with a personal deluge of experiences, I aim to forge a connection with viewers and evoke emotions that resonate on a deep and meaningful level.

I am always evolving and explore new ideas to achieve groundbreaking outcomes. Embracing experimentation is a vital part of my creative process, as it allows me to push the boundaries of traditional methods and concepts. I believe that being bold and fresh is essential in artistic expression and, in the end, will yield results by creating memorable masterpieces.

In conclusion, my creative thinking process centres around cultivating my personal experiences, daring to create artwork that sparks emotional connections with viewers. It is through this dedicated pursuit that I aim to leave a lasting impression on the artistic landscape for the world to enjoy.

My journey

Sam Karuna discovered his interest in art in his early twenties and began to pursue it seriously while travelling and working in Australia. He extensively experimented with oil painting, but his creative perspective took a whole new dimension when he discovered the art of batik. Always willing to evolve and explore new ideas in order to achieve groundbreaking results, he developed his own unique batik technique called Dyetik, which allowed him to create captivating and exceptional works of art.

As a result of his successful local and international exhibitions, Sam began receiving numerous requests to share his creative processes, leading him to discover his love for teaching and sharing his knowledge.

He demonstrated his unique batik technique on ABC TV in Canberra, Australia, and was invited to conduct workshops in Japan, Indonesia, and Mongolia. Once he returned to Malaysia, the desire to teach naturally continued to grow.

Given his exceptional talent, the prestigious University of Malaya offered Sam the opportunity to be a resident artist, enabling him to further explore and experiment with various art mediums. This opportunity led him back to oil painting, this time focusing on abstract expressionism.

What sets Sam apart is his remarkable ability to create visually captivating and emotionally profound compositions. He is renowned for his affinity for lines, which he skilfully incorporates into his artworks, resulting in a sense of movement and fluidity that captivates viewers with each brush stroke.

Over the years, Sam Karuna has established himself as a visionary contemporary artist, mesmerising audiences with his masterful creations. His dedication, creativity, and unwavering passion for art continue to inspire and leave a lasting impact on the international art scene. His paintings have been exhibited in esteemed galleries and art shows worldwide, showcasing the universal appeal of his artwork.