Sam Karuna, an internationally recognised painter was born in 1945, Bagan Serai, Perak, Malaysia, has made significant contributions to the art world over his 50-year career. Using mediums such as oil, acrylic, and batik, Karuna's contemporary style and layered compositions result in visually striking and emotionally charged artwork. He has held 15 notable solo exhibitions locally and internationally throughout his artistic career.

Karuna's work is characterised by dynamic lines and movement, infusing his compositions with energy and emotion. With meticulous and delicate layering techniques, he creates a depth that captivates viewers, allowing them to explore the intricate details of his masterpiece. Karuna's paintings not only draw the eye, but also evoke powerful storytelling, immersing observers in his exquisite artistic narratives.

Even during the pandemic, Karuna remains an enthusiastic creator, unveiling new and exciting series of dazzling artwork. Eager for the world to see his pandemic-inspired works, he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression. With an unwavering passion for his fine art, Sam Karuna stands as a true visionary in the contemporary art world, inviting viewers to engage with the stories and emotions woven into his remarkable creation.

" I hope that my artwork serves as a catalyst for personal reflection and introspection. I want the viewer to feel a sense of connection and resonance, as if they have embarked on a transformative journey. With each piece I create, my ultimate joy lies in knowing that I have touched someone's heart and sparked their imagination."

Sam Karuna