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Explore your inspiration and let your creativity flow through




Sam Karuna’s Fine Art Batik at Oasis Life Space is an excellent training ground for students to create with style and imagination using Sam’s building block format to really push the boundaries of Batik Art.


Everyone has the ability to learn if you’re given the right channels of knowledge. Sam Karuna, with 40 years of skill and ability in Fine Art Batik is passionate about breaking down barriers and making it easier to learn the fundamentals of Fine Art Batik in a much shorter time frame.

Training Program

Sam Karuna Fine Art Batik at Oasis Lifescape is the first of its kind, a training ground of excellence for professional artist and art enthusiast who would like to explore their artistic inspiration, expression and creativity through Fine Art Batik. The training program is open to all who have an interest and keen eye in Fine Art Batik. Artists or novices with no basic knowledge in batik art can expect to enjoy the beauty of this medium.


The program is personally conducted by Master Sam Karuna himself who has developed his own techniques to rejuvenated the traditional batik art form. The program enables students to get an insight into the processes and techniques involved in mastering Fine Art Batik.


The training program is set in an informal workshop environment. where you’ll be able to study the practicalities and interact with colleagues in a pleasant and friendly environment while grasping the intricate magic of the Fine Art Batik.

…I'm terribly glad to have 'found' Sam via google. Sam is extremely patient and encouraging. An excellent teacher and a remarkable artist. I look forward to attending another class when I come home again

Mostaapha Sefa

Thanks Sam, you are an awesome artist. The world of Batik is colourful for all the seasons of the life and brings happiness.

Rose Purcell

Sam is a great fine art teacher who teaches me not only authentic batik techniques but also fine art way of batik expression. He's kind, a great problem solver for students' mistakes and most of all, he's a wonderful teacher with humours.

Hui Chien Ong

"Very good hands on experience on creating your own batik artwork. Instructors will guide you throughout the process."


This is my first time experiencing painting batik but Sam's guidance made it easy for me. The colouring part is very exciting, l enjoyed it very much, looking forward to the next lesson!.


Student Gallery


Beginner Course

Duration: 2 hours/session


Total 1 Session

Prewaxed motif for kids and partial pre-waxed motif for adults

'An introduction to Explore and enjoy colours

Fees: RM 70.00 per hour


Total: RM 140

Advance Course

Duration: 2 hours/session

Total 3 Session

'An introduction into still-life in Batik'

To understand how colour evoke feeling of happiness and positive energy


1: Drawing of motif and waxing it with 'canting


2: Colouring motif, control of form and value of the subject.


3: Colouring of background to see the magic of blending and mixing of colours naturally and create crackle effects that are associated with Batik art.


Fees:  RM 70.00 per hour


Total: RM 420

Master Course

Duration: 2 hours/session

Total 8 Session

A course designed to produce Batik artists for both professional and enthusiasts to master the artistic language of Fine Art Batik.





1 Materials, dye stuff and wax

2 History of Batik

3 Batik technique

4 Conservation



1 Use of ‘canting’ to wax outline of    Motif

2 Fine art techniques of painting both still-life and landscape

3 Different types of Crackle line

4 ‘Cap’ batik (Wax stamping)

5 ‘Shibori’ (Tie & Dye)


Upon completion of the course, qualified students will be able to express their inner thoughts and feelings to convey their particular message in their art work.

Fees:  RM 70.00 per hour


Total: RM 1.120

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